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Chicken's noise

I know chicken's make a lot of noise when they lay an egg,,,but i always thought chicken's were noisy full stop....
My chicken's do not seem to make any noise at all during the day, they just eat and dust bathe and peck and scratch at the ground etc.....

if they feel threatened they make a bit..
but apart from that they are almost silent..
At night when i go in they make a few soft little noises 'brooooookkkk brooooooks'... and in the morning there are a few clucks while they are waiting for the door to be opened...

Where is the noise???
Are they happy????

Hi Andrea
I reckon they sound pretty content to me. i've got one chook who makes the biggest racket for about 15 mins before she lays an egg  (I'll swear it must be painful) and then another who doesn't say anything at all when she lays. But the rest of the time they just happily and quietly potter about the garden.

Yep they are happy, constant noise is unusual and various things have an effect on noise making. Some breeds just like to bok bok about while they forage others don't so much most of my hens lay eggs in silence only for the pekin batam hen to announce it too the world and then sit on the nest to hatch the eggs and going beserk when I empty the nest. The wild hens that live here make really long drawn out clucks when the others are in the pen and nothing then once they are out. The bantams are without a doubt the most vocal especially if they find something exciting to eat, which leaves me in wonder as by the time they finish talking about it all the chooks have arrived and its a race around the yard to gobble it up before anyone else gets it.

Aha that all sounds good then...thanks guys x

Mine are pretty quiet... except Chickzilla who announces EVERYBODY's eggs to the universe, not just her own!! She goes on and on and on when an egg has been laid.

Sometime I have to go down just to make sure everything is cool. But it's just Chickzilla getting excited.

i can hear them sometimes quietly chatting to each other, I have kind of worked out by the tones and clucks when someone has made a discovery, or if they are just gossiping. I loooove it when they hear us on the verandah and begin to purr. We call it the "happy chicken noise'. I only really hear them do it when we are around or I am tucking them into bed, so I guess it is to let us know how happy they are. It's so nice.

Thats gorgeous 'lurlines friend' of mine has a soft noise that is different to the other 3 ( it is almost a purr) I'll have to take more note of when she does it

my Louise is the bossy chook, bosses Thelma a little bit,
and she makes sooooooooooooooo much racket when she is about to lay an egg, and when laying an egg.
I just leave her be for 5mins, go back, and sure enough she's just layed an egg.
Thelma is very quiet always.
Both are pretty quiet most of the time, although Louise the bossy one, does kind of do a few bok bok boooook noises every now and then.
She knows I mean food, so im sure she is just winging for her next lot of scraps haha.

its great reading everyones stories !! Smile

On Sunday we were laying some pavers in the garden and and as i was scraping with my hands trying to level the soil, one of my rescue girls started scratching the soil with me at the same time. She was right beside me for about 10 minutes chatting away - Every time I said something to her she would "book book" back.
As somebody who considers herself a bit of an expert in talking to animals I can tell you that we had a very real conversation!!

Oh how beautiful!! I talk to my girls all the time and I reckon they answer back too. I love reading your stories guys, it makes me feel great to know other chooks are loved too. Forum Index -> Info and chat about caring for your rescue chooks
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